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Shure KSM27Showing at 122th AES Munich is the latest addition to the Shure KSM product family, the KSM27. Designed to be the workhorse for project and home recording studios maintained by musicians and professional recording engineers alike, Shure's KSM27 microphone is a large-diaphragm, side-address cardioid model.
With an extended frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz, the KSM27 is optimized for vocals, but capable of handling high-input SPLs to accommodate sound sources such as drums and guitar amplifiers. The KSM27 utilizes Class A, transformerless preamp circuitry, which eliminates crossover distortion and brings improved linearity across its entire operating range. To enhance low frequency and transient response while improving environmental stability, the mic is additionally outfitted with a one-inch, ultra-thin Mylar diaphragm. As a further complement to the design, the microphone encompasses an internal shock mount to keep self-noise low at 14 dB A-weighted.
Like other KSM Series microphones, the KSM27's durable zinc die-cast housing comes finished in an attractive champagne color. To protect the microphone from damage, a hardened low-carbon steel grille shields its capsule. Accessories provided with each mic include a Velveteen pouch and a rubber-isolated, external locking shock mount.

Wireless Microphone Systems

Shure ULXAnother focus at AES is on the ULX Standard and ULX Professional frequency agile wireless systems. Designed for use in both live performance and installed sound applications, these systems feature Shure's proprietary Automatic Frequency Selection circuitry-an innovation which simplifies system set-up by automatically scanning a user's environment for open frequencies. ULX receivers feature large, easy-to-read, multi-function liquid crystal displays.
Both models operate between 554-865 MHz and offer up to 1440 selectable frequencies organized into pre-programmed groups of up to 20 compatible frequencies. ULX systems also include Predictive Diversity.

Wireless Microphones

Shure Incorporated is announcing the availability of the Beta 98H/C clip-on instrument microphone. Designed as a premium miniature condenser microphone that can be securely mounted to almost any instrument as a self-contained system, the Beta 98 H/C utilizes a clip-on clamp that still allows for the quick change between instruments. Boasting a capacity for handling high SPLs and optimal gain-before-feedback performance, the miniature cardioid condenser unit is low-profile in design, thereby minimizing its stage presence.
The Beta 98H/C also offers a flexible gooseneck, a locking windscreen for outdoor use, and an integrated isolation shock mount that reduces the transmission of instrument "key noise" and other mechanical noise. The microphone is available in a wireless configuration terminated to a mini four-pin connector (model WB98H/C) or as a wired version with an in-line preamplifier (model Beta 98H/C).

Digital Signal Processing

Shure Incorporated shows the latest version of the P4800 System Processor software and hardware at the AES 2002. With improved DSP processing power and more feature-rich software, the new P4800 gives system contractors greater control over processing functions for their small- to medium-sized installations. The new version is anticipated to ship in May 2002.
In addition to features already found on the P4800, the new version includes more DSP resources to create complex system configurations. Working with comments from users worldwide, version 4.2 of the new system software includes two new audio processors. The first is a ducker for sound systems that require public address or paging, and the second, a peak stop limiter or "look ahead limiter" provides absolute speaker protection and even more control over transient sounds.
P4800 is now Windows XP compatible, and offers improved, reliable operation under all Windows operating systems.
The Shure P4800 is a multi-channel system processor designed for installed sound systems. Providing all in-line audio processing between mixers and amplifiers, the P4800 delivers the power and flexibility of high-end DSP devices in a package optimized for small to medium-sized installed audio systems.
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