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Nugen Audio extends R&D team for upcoming products

Nugen Audio, creators of intuitive tools for audio professionals, has extended its research and development capabilities with two new software engineers, Myk Emett and Adel Salman. The new team members join Nugen Audio as the company prepares to introduce an expanded range of new products.
"With their backgrounds in games development and software emulation of musical instruments, Myk and Adel provide the cross-disciplinary mix of skills and perspectives that we look for at Nugen Audio," said Jon Schorah, creative director of Nugen Audio. "Broad-based skills and real-world experience feeds into the renowned usability of our products. Our approach to product design puts a premium on making things work the way audio professionals find natural, so that they can get great results immediately, without having to read a user guide."
Following the success of Nugen Audio's VisLM, the industry's first EBU and ATSC standard-compliant loudness metering plug-in, the company's development roadmap includes upcoming product launches of solutions for 5.1 mixing, upmixing, and surround sound to add to its current roster of tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, mixing/mastering, and tracking.
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