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Peavey introduce PV mixers with USB connectivity

At Winter NAMM Show 2010, Anaheim, CA, Peavey added two new mixers to the long-running PV Series, the PV 6 USB, and PV 8 USB. Both consoles also were showcased at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010, Germany.
The new PV mixers incorporate exclusive Peavey reference-quality microphone preamps —featuring a low THD (total harmonic distortion) of 0.0007% recommend the mixers for use in project studios or live- and program-music mixing situations.
The PV 6 USB and PV 8 USB feature effects send on every channel with stereo return, zero latency record monitoring capabilities, and much more, while a USB port allows direct connection to a USB-equipped computer for recording from the mixer or playing back digital audio. The PV8 also includes pre-fader monitor sends; inserts on all channels; and dual switchable line inputs on the two stereo channels.
All PV Series mixers’ mid band EQ is uncoventionally set at 450hz. This is the problematic frequency emphasized when close micing many instruments from vocals to acoustic guitars. By removing this specific frequency, vocals become clearer while still maintaining depth and warmth.
All PV Series mixers include Tape to Control Room and Tape to Mix assigns which allow the operator to monitor an external stereo signal without using any of the mixer's channels. In addition, the mixers' Control Room output sends a stereo master output signal to an external source for monitoring. Phantom power, effects send and a contour switch, are also standard on all models.
Peavey PV 8 USB
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