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S Series Signature Reference power amplifiers by MC2 at PLASA '12

MC2 Audio showcased the new S Series Signature Reference power amplifiers at PLASA 2012 in London. The S Series is designed for use in the most demanding studio monitoring environments, but equally at home in any application where transparency and 'no compromise' performance are the focus.
The S Series is the culmination of years of work undertaken by MC2 Audio’s Technical Director and Co-owner Terry Clarke in the pursuit of the perfect linear power amplifier. “Our first amplifier range came very close to being the best and we won many plaudits from different market sectors, however the new S Series has taken the audio quality to another level.” Eagle-eyed observers will notice that it is Terry Clarke’s own signature that sits proudly on the front panel of every S Series amplifier.
The S Series utilises MC2 Audio’s complimentary AB bipolar output stages, combined with the unique MC2 Audio current driven floating drive stage. Remaining true to its roots you will find analogue level controls for ease of use and resultant minimal signal degradation.
Sophisticated side-chain limiters prevent speaker damage and distortion. These stay out-of-circuit until the onset of clipping so do not compromise the signal path under normal working conditions.
The S Series comprises modelse S800 and S1400, both of which feature bespoke high fidelity shielded toroidal power supplies and intelligently controlled, low noise fans.
MC2 S Series Signature Reference power amplifiers
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