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Unit Audio introduces the 'Unit' analogue summing mixer

Unit analogue summing mixer Unit Audio introduces the 'Unit' 16 x 2 analogue summing mixer which features 16 channels of actual physical analogue stero summing for less than the cost of DAW plug-ins designed to emulate analogue summing. Like all Unit prducts, the 'Unit' it is completely hand assembled, tested, and wired point to point in Nashville, TN using only the highest quality components like Neutrik connectors and Xicon resistors.
Depending on what cabling is required to interface with the DAW, either a standard d-sub to d-sub would work. If the DAW has TRS inputs, a standard D-sub to TRS cable would work.
The philosphy behind the Unit audio mixers is to add back some of the sparkle and punch of analogue recording that is often missing in a purely “in the box” mix. “Is analog summing going to make your recordings sound like a Nashville studio with a billion dollars worth of equipment?” says Unit Audio’s design engineer Terry, “Probably not, but you will notice a difference in your mixes using a Unit Audio summing mixer.”
On the subject of summing, Terry has this to say “Loosely quoting Shakespeare one might say ‘To analogue sum or not to analogue sum?’  This has been a point of controversy with digital recording for quite some time. With modern DAW software, mixing within the computer has resulted in some great sounding recordings, but I have long been intrigued by the concept of analog summing. I was not prepared to pay $800.00 or more to test that theory, so I engineered and built my own. Then to test the theory, I set out to see if there was any difference in the mixed sound. Much to my amazement and pleasure, I did notice a subtle but very pleasing difference in the stereo separation and placement of the instruments compared to my In the Box mixes.”
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