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Qomtec introduces system for high quality online recordings

At Tonmeistertagung 2012 in Cologne, Germany, Qomtec announced the release and the availability of its QonnexONE collaboration system, a versatile, multi-channel, online recording and mastering system. Communicating uncompressed AES/EBU connections over the Internet, it allows for voice recordings of pristine audio quality without requiring expensive lines (ISDN or highspeed fibre optics lines). Running the system at a recording studio allows for connecting to any computer supporting ASIO and Core Audio.
Synchronising monitor mixes and storing online recordings, the QonnexONE RMX system is especially designed for music recording. The recorded takes are dragged directly from the system and snap into the proper position of the studio's sequencer software. Monitor mixes are sent to other connected partners. The system's talkback function works seamlessly over the internet, creating a recording situation as if all parties were working at the same studio.
Providing an A/B comparison function for mastering studios, the QonnexONE MX allows session partners to swap back and forth between two audio streams, allowing them to evaluate a mix or mastering track real time at their own listening environment.
Session partners can also join in a video conference. Invited parties use their existing recording gear, each participant can even select a preferred language.
Aiming at professional recording studios, the system can be customized with the studio's own logo In the web-based service area. It also comfortable sound engineer interface. The hardware consists of a rack server with 16 AES I/O, and a 23" touch all-in-one PC which controls the system over a LAN connection.
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