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Tannoy launches interactive Digital Programming

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Incorporating Tannoy WideBand technology, the Tannoy Ellipse range already sets a highly advanced standard of quality, for reference monitoring. Launched in 2002, Tannoy Ellipse is a fully time-coherent, 3-way, active system, utilising Dual Concentric driver technology plus a separately housed SuperTweeter. The range comprises two monitors, Ellipse 8 (8" Dual) and Ellipse 10 (10" Dual), offering a choice of power handling and low frequency performance, allowing optimisation for different working environments. Each system delivers a frequency response extending to above 50kHz for monitoring of wideband programme material.
Precise room optimisation has now taken a quantum leap forward thanks to the development of Tannoy iDP (Interactive Digital Programming) Technology and its incorporation into the Ellipse models. Due to its partnership with the TC Group of companies, Tannoy's highly experienced engineering team have direct access to leading edge digital and electronic technologies. launched at ProLight + Sound 2004, Ellipse iDP is a versatile intelligent active monitoring system, combining the Tannoy Dual Concentric, WideBand technology with the latest digital processing from TC Electronic.
Tannoy iDP subwooferBy incorporating DSP technology, networking intelligence and class D digital amplifiers, along with the company's renowned acoustic expertise, Tannoy has established a new level of performance and operation convenience in studio monitors. Preset storage /recall and total acoustic alignment flexibility along with solo /mute functions and more can all be executed with precision via the system's remote control. iDP technology also allows the user to control parameters in 'real time' - such as bass management, global level and recall of different preset settings.
Monitoring to the ITU standard is now possible - even if the room layout does not allow for ideal speaker placement. The delay lines in Ellipse iDP software allow the user to "virtually move" speakers, providing optimum monitoring by compensating for poor speaker location.
The built-in EQ capability of Ellipse iDP allows the user to compensate for acoustic anomalies in the room. On board pink noise generators permits the user to "EQ the room" and adjust the system accordingly. Ellipse iDP monitors are optimised for use in "free space". However, the placement compensation in the software guarantees the same reference sound irrespective of the placement, whether in a corner, against a wall or on top of a console. Built-in bass management allows complete control of bass performance. Selectable crossover frequencies can be established for a wide variety of different recording circumstances, and these can be stored as presets for instant recall from the remote control.
All profiles within Ellipse iDP can be changed as required, then stored as presets for instant recall whenever needed. Ellipse iDP offers full networking capability, both audio and control, within the digital domain, using proprietary TC-Link network. The monitors are also future-proofed to accept direct digital input at 192kHz.
An exceptionally powerful 1.5 kilowatt active subwoofer complements the two available monitors. Once again, iDP technology is incorporated allowing completely flexible networked capability so that the system can thus be configured as 2.1, 5.1, 7.2 or in any multi channel combination required. The Ellipse iDP subwoofer utilises 2 x 12" side-firing metal-coned drive units housed in a substantially constructed cabinet.
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