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Lexicon Omega for high quality desktop recording studios

At NAMM summer session 2004 Lexicon Pro announced shipping of the Omega Desktop Recording Studio. Omega Studio is an integrated computer recording system that includes the Omega 8x4x2 USB I/O mixer, ProTracks Plus 32-track and BIAS Deck 3.5 SE recording software programs, and the Pantheon Lexicon reverb plug-in.
Making the announcement, Lexicon Pro President Rob Urry noted, "Lexicon has been at home in world-class recording studios for over 30 years. We are excited to bring this level of performance to desktop recording."
Differentiating itself from standard computer I/O boxes which are typically based on a patch-bay paradigm, the Omega 8x4x2 USB I/O mixer is based on a mixer paradigm and includes input, output, and mixing functions that support a variety of tracking/monitoring applications while requiring no additional mixing hardware.
The Omega I/O mixer provides 8 inputs which are assignable in pairs to any of 4 simultaneous record channels featuring high-resolution analog to digital converters to capture a performance with 24-bit quality. Two of the inputs feature extremely low-noise dbx mic-preamps with 48-volt phantom power and TRS insert points. Four TRS active balanced line inputs accept up to +22dBu signals to allow interfacing to either unbalanced or professional high-output level balanced equipment. Included is an S/PDIF input combined with an additional DAC for zero-latency, and direct monitoring of the S/PDIF source to allows simultaneous tracking of analog and digital sources. A high-impedance instrument input is conveniently accessible on the front panel.
The Omega I/O mixer provides a peak indicator for each analog input as well as an assignable bargraph meter for signal level monitoring. By monitoring the signal at the A/D converters, the system avoids the problems with software-only level monitoring that can miss clipping and distort, thus ruining the track. The Omega I/O mixer also includes a fully opto-isolated MIDI input to ensure that there is no annoying ground loop hum or MIDI talk-through noise.
ProTracks Plus is an easy-to-use, comprehensive 32-track recording suite that includes all the modules needed to track, edit, process, sequence, and mix. Not only does it include intuitive non-linear editing, plug-in support, and acidized looping features, it also contains a full featured MIDI sequencer.
The Omega also ships with BIAS Deck 3.5 SE recording software, which turns the Mac into a full-fledged recording studio. The user can easily record up to 64 tracks, with full CD quality and then edit their work instantly, while always being able to revert to the original recordings.
Designed exclusively by Lexicon engineers, the Pantheon reverb plug-in offers 35 factory presets featuring 6 reverb types (hall, chamber, plate, room, ambience, and custom) controlled by an intuitive user interface with 16 editable parameters.
08/2004 Pro-Music-News
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