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Spring Trap is shipping

At 117th AES in San Francisco MSR, Inc., makers of StudioPanel, announced the shipping of their new SpringTrap low-frequency acoustic trap. The Fairfax, CA-based company's innovative acoustical solutions were unveiled at the 2003 Audio Engineering Society Convention in NYC. The package of precision-engineered acoustical panels is configured and calculated to provide the correct amount of sound absorption and diffusion necessary for monitoring systems to work successfully over the full range of audible frequencies. Utilizing materials selected by leading studio designers and acousticians such as fiberglass/mineral wool composites, StudioPanel is a solution for a wide variety of acoustical problems typically encountered in personal recording studios as well as high-end home theater listening rooms.
The patent-pending SpringTrap is a self-standing (and stackable) pistonic bass trap that picks up where the StudioPanel Bazorber leaves off. Highly efficient for trapping frequencies from 100 Hz down to 40 Hz, the SpringTrap is a ported MDF enclosure with a spring-loaded MDF internal mass and is stuffed with mineral wool. The triangularly-shaped unit measures 25.45" (W) X 18" (D) X 48" (H) and is wrapped in a flame retardant Guilford FR701 fabric.
StudioPanel kits consist of scientifically designed 'building block components' including wedge-shaped absorber/diffuser pairs and slotted bass absorbers (called Bazorber), the optional SpringTrap pistonic bass trap, and ceiling absorbers (called CloudPanel). Each kit is configured to provide optimal acoustical characteristics for a given room size (three scaled kits are available for treating a wide range of room sizes typically encountered in personal media production spaces). Once installed, StudioPanel offers clear articulation, focused and deep imaging, precise localization, and astounding surround sound envelopment ? in both stereo and surround sound environments ? all without fussing over placement adjustments and confusing acoustic calculations.
Selecting which of the three (3) pre-engineered kits best suits the user is easy: just plug the room dimensions into the StudioPanel square footage selection chart. Several enhancement options, including the new SpringTrap, are also available and clearly outlined in the documentation and ordering instructions.
After ordering the StudioPanel kit, the buyer takes home a Do-It-Yourself Starter Pack containing everything necessary to prepare the space for the installation of the StudioPanel components. Included in the small box are a simple, step-by-step instruction manual, a string line bubble level, an installation template, a mirror for locating the first reflection points, and a 50 chapter Test and Set-up CD/CD-ROM.
10/2004 Pro-Music-News
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