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Tannoy Ellipse monitors using iDP technology

At the 117th Audio Engineering Society Convention in San Francisco Tannoy for the first time at an AES show had a demo room featuring Ellipse 10 iDP 5.1 demonstrations. Ellipse 10 iDP (Interactive Digital Programming) is a new intelligent active monitor system combining the unique Tannoy Dual Concentric, Wideband technology with the latest cutting edge digital processing from TC Electronic.
Ellipse iDP studio monitors provide the professional user with complete control over the entire monitoring operation. Preset storage / recall and total acoustic alignment flexibility are all executed via remote control. iDP technology also allows the user to control parameters in 'real time' - such as bass management, global level, recall of different preset setting, solo / mute functions and more.
The built-in EQ capability of Ellipse iDP allows the user to compensate for acoustic anomalies in the room. Loudspeaker positioning compensation in the software provides the same reference sound irrespective of their placement, whether in a corner, against a wall or on top of a console.
A powerful 1.5kW active subwoofer complements the two available monitors. Once again, iDP technology is incorporated allowing completely flexible networking capability so that the system can thus be configured as 2.1, 5.1, 7.2 or in any multi channel combination required. The Ellipse iDP subwoofer utilizes two spun aluminium side-firing drive units housed in a substantially constructed cabinet.
12/2004 Pro-Music-News
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