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Universal Audio to develop plug-ins of classic Roland processors

At winter Namm 2005 Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, launched the UA Precision Equalizer plug-in for its UAD-1 DSP card.
The Precision Equalizer is a stereo or dual mono four-band Equalizer and high-pass filter made primarily for use with program material. The Precision Equalizer is modeled on the behavior of analogue mastering filters, and uses the classic parametric controls arrangement. To preserve the greatest sonic detail and ensure a minimum of artifacts in the upper frequency range, the equalizer is up-sampled to 192kHz.
Other features include two sets of two overlapping frequency ranges per channel, 18 dB per octave high-pass filter aides in sub-harmonic management, and lexible Stereo/Dual configuration with A/B audition.
"The DSP group at UA painstakingly analyzed and modeled the ideal behavior of the filters in the finest analogue mastering EQs," said Joe Bryan, VP of Software Engineering for Universal Audio. "As with the UA Precision Limiter, we aimed to set a new standard. The Precision Equalizer is not a clone of an existing device but was referenced to and auditioned against the very best hardware units used in pro mastering. We developed a proprietary UA algorithm using 192k up-sampling for premium quality that allows 5 stereo instances at sampling rates below 192kHz, and 4 at 192kHz on a single UAD-1 with all bands active. Smart band-muting was added for convenient auditioning and also to conserve DSP resources so more instances with fewer bands are possible for other EQ applications."
At winter Namm Universal Audio also announced the UAD-1 Ultra Pak containg the UAD-1 DSP card plus a complete suite of 24 powered plug-ins including all the classic UA vintage emulations.
A licensing agreement between Roland Corporation and Universal Audio will allow Universal Audio to develop, market and sell plug-in emulations of classic Roland processors the UAD-1 DSP card. The first three Roland products to be released as UAD-1 plug-ins, the Dimension D Chorus, the CE-1 Chorus and the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, will be made available to customers over the course of 2005.
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