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Upgrade kit to transformerless DPA 4006

Upgrade the DPA 4006The DPA 4006 omnidirectional condenser microphone is one of the Danish manufacturer¹s most classic products. During more than 20 years in production it has firmly established itself as a worldwide reference for its precise, detailed and natural reproduction as well as transparent sound quality.
Now, existing DPA 4006 owners are being given the opportunity to upgrade their cherished microphones to the DPA 4006-TL, a new version of the classic with transformerless preamplifier and new state-of-the-art components. Participants will receive a factory-based retrofitting to the DPA 4006-TL with transformerless preamplifier, close-miking grid, DPA 4006-TL type ring, calibration chart and new mic case.
The 4006-TL builds on the same capsule and acoustical design of the original and is powered via a standard 48 V phantom power supply. This design increases the sensitivity and provides an extended low frequency handling capability (15 Hz to 20 kHz ±2 dB).
"The 4006-TL upgrade programme provides our many 4006 fans with the chance to upgrade inexpensively to an even cleaner approach to authentic sound reproduction," proclaims Ole Brosted Sorensen, Technical Director of DPA Microphones. "Transformers are audible and the transformerless technology allows a shorter signal path as well as lower distortion, especially at high levels of low frequency. These improvements make it the best sounding 4006 ever ­ the clarity is astounding, space and timbre is accurately defined and the localisation accuracy is strongly improved."
The applications of the 4006-TL include AB stereo pairing for symphonic concert hall recordings, close miking on instruments such as grand piano, guitar, double bass and percussion, and speech and vocal applications.
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