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Røde NT6 compact condenser microphone

The Røde NT6 is specifically designed for difficult mounting applications. Although clearly relevant to instrument miking, the NT6 is suited to any situation where a small 'unobtrusive' but powerful microphone system is required.
The NT6 utilises the 1/2" (externally biased) gold sputtered true condenser transducer used in the renowned Røde NT5. The capsule is designed to attach to a custom made, multi-position swivel mount allowing it to be independently positioned with ease. To further increase the versatility of the NT6, it is supplied with two thread adaptors - 1/4"to 5/8"and 1/4”to 3/8”that enable the capsule assembly to be securely attached to a wide variety of mic stands, tripods and boom poles.
The capsule is connected to the pre-amplifier by a custom 3 m Kevlar fibre reinforced cable. Housed within the heavy duty satin-nickel-plated body, is a low noise balanced output preamplifier, exhibiting a wide dynamic range and full frequency response.
The pre-amplifier circuit also incorporates a two-position variable pad providing 0 dB an -10 dB attenuation, and a 2-position variable high-pass filter that enables you to step from a flat response to 80 Hz high pass filter.
The NT6 is produced in Røde's design and manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia. The NT6 comes supplied with microphone preamp, capsule, 3 m Kevlar fibre reinforced cable, RM5 stand mount, 2-axis swivel mount, 2 thread adaptors, ZP1 zip pouch and WS5 wind shield.
Rode NT6 condenser microphone with external preamp
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