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Buzz Audio unveils compressor and equaliser at 119th AES

New Zealand based pro-audio manufacturer Buzz Audio announces the unveiling of two new items at the 119th AES Exhibition that will extend the Buzz Audio True Class A 2.2 Series of products.
The Resonance Equaliser Model REQ-2.2 is a high end stereo equaliser intended for tracking, mixing and mastering applications. The Resonance Equaliser gets its name from the use of real switched inductors and capacitors as the reactive elements in the EQ stages. The REQ-2.2 boasts four bands of parametric EQ with the high and low bands switchable bell/shelf and each band can be switched in/out of circuit. The REQ also debuts a unique variable transformer saturation circuit which introduces varying amounts of low frequency colour in the form of harmonic distortion creating subtle but effective lifting of low frequencies. A passive choke based high pass filter completes the picture.
Resonance Equaliser by Buzz Audio
The Dual Compressor System Model DCS-2.2 is a high end audio compressor which provides two different compressor types in the one unit. The DCS-2.2 includes one channel of hard knee FET based compression and one channel of softer OPTO compression. Routing switches allow the user to use the two compressors types individually, in series or in parallel modes. A blend control provides the mix between un-compressed and compressed signal, or to blend between the two compressor types in parallel mode. Other features include a front panel switchable insert point, transformer saturation, LED metering and a side-chain frequency response tilt control. Intelligent linking to a second DCS allows for stereo operation.
The overall design of both new products is a "no holds barred" approach with True Class A discrete transistor amplifiers throughout and individual discrete power supply regulators for each stage. The REQ-2.2 and DCS-2.2 will both be available with detented (Mastering) and non-detented controls.
In addition to these new items, Buzz Audio will also have on demonstration the current range of recording products including the ARC-1.1 Analogue Recording Channel, SOC-1.1 Stereo Optical Compressor, MPE-1.1 Mono Parametric Equaliser and the highly regarded MA-2.2 Class A Microphone Amplifier.
09/2005 Pro-Music-News
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