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JBL launches LSR4300 series of monitors for project studios

Designed for use in computer-based project studios, post-production and broadcast facilities, JBL Professional introduced the LSR4300 Series studio monitors at Plasa 2005 and at 119th AES in New York City. With network intelligence and a new automated version of JBL Professional's RMC Room Mode Correction system, the LSR4300 Series adds functionality to computer production systems while overcoming room-related problems that have plagued engineers and project studios.
The JBL Professional LSR4326P (powered six-inch two-way system) and the LSR4328P (powered eight-inch two-way system) are the first studio monitors to include Harman HiQnet network protocol that enables system-wide intelligence and allows all speakers to be centrally controlled from the mix position.
With supplied LSR4300 Control Center software, the user can address system settings, create custom EQ presets, and store and recall system configurations from the computer desktop. Additionally, the LSR4300 ships with a wireless remote control that allows control of all LSR4300 features from anywhere in the room. Computer should appreciate the inclusion of the LSR4300's dedicated system volume control, mute and solo functions, and input switching that allows the user to monitor a range of analogue and digital playback sources. Each model includes high-resolution 24-bit, 96kHz AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital inputs to interface with computer audio interfaces, playback sources and processors.
The speaker's front panel includes a tri-color meter display indicating system output and a compliment of illuminated controls provides access to all user functions including EQ, SOLO, Input selection volume and RMC calibration. When networked, all speakers can be controlled from the front panel of any speaker. "The transition to computer production has created the need for digital connectivity and ancillary hardware," said Peter Chaikin, Director of Recording and Broadcast for JBL. "We engineered the LSR4300 Series from the ground up to address the needs of the computer recording customer. With next generation RMC Room Mode Correction, the LSR4300 Series delivers exceptional accuracy at the mix position in any room."
JBL LSR4328P and LSR4326P Series Studio Monitors are available in pair packs that include an accessory kit containing a calibration microphone, remote control, LSR4300 Control Center Software, USB and network cables.
 JBL LSR4328P Studio Monitor shown with calibration microphone and Wireless Remote Control
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