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Middle Atlantic introduces Split Screen pop filter

As a part of their new Music Accessories brand of products, Middle Atlantic Products introduced their new Split Screen pop filter designed with proprietary Air Pressure Dispersion Technology (APDT). Improving on traditional filters, the Split Screen pop filter is engineered utilizing two individual screens with a separation space that diffuses harsh consonants combined with the removal of the outer ring to provide an added measure of air dispersion. This design technique improves recording quality and clarity by allowing vocals to pass through to a microphone while effectively filtering the 'popping' effect of explosive vocal sounds.
“Middle Atlantic Products has always been dedicated to finding simple, high-quality solutions to common challenges,” said Mark Tracy, Director of Marketing, Middle Atlantic Products. “For our Music Accessories line, we set out to reinvent the traditional pop filter. By listening to industry experts, researching existing products and thoroughly testing our own product prototypes we have developed our Split Screen Pop Filter with APDT – a filter that performs well in the studio and provides our customers with a superior product.”
The Split Screen pop filter is comprised of two independent separated screens that diffuse and disperse explosive air caused by vocal sounds like ‘p’ and ‘b’. The strategic separation of screens and removal of the traditional outer hoop are a large part of what makes APDT especially effective. When sound originates from a vocalist, it is diffused by the first screen, dispersed by the open space between the two screens and finally diffused once again by the second screen. The end result is that ‘pops’ created by explosive consonants are eliminated before they reach the microphone. The Split Screen pop filter has also been engineered with no parallel surfaces between the two screens to avoid creating any resonant frequencies within the pop filter hoop.
The Music Accessories brand is specifically designed for recording engineers and artists alike with a number of products that have varying benefits and attributes.
Split Screen pop filter
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