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Global Pre by Violet Designs replaces vintage valve preamps

The Global Pre is compact hi-end quality electrostatic microphone preamplifier body. Fully covering today's high resolution audio recording demands,  it is designed as an alternative to expensive historical vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers and is affordable for project and home studios.
  The Global Pre body is fully compatible with German made vintage M-series interchangeable capsule heads from Neumann, and  B & VIN-series interchangeable capsule heads made by JZ in Latvia. Polar patterns and applications fully depend from interchangeable head different specifications.
Phantom powered, linear, class-A discrete solid state transformerless preamplifier electronics provide extremely low noise and hardly measurable distortion. Balanced output with gold plated contacts provides low impedance and a reliabale connection.
  The Global Pre body comes in a wooden box with included compact studio shock mount with adjustable angle.
Global Pre (in box) - top right with head mounted
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