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alpha mastering compressor provides powerful features

To be unveiled at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006, elysia intoduce their alpha compressor for mastering and sophisticated recording applications with powerful features such as a switchable MS matrix enabling the separate processing of center and side signals. The control mode and entire sound character can easily be adapted to the source material by employing adjustable sidechain and audio filters. Original and compressed signals can be crossfaded by using a mix stage which provides onboard parallel compression. Additional Soft-Clip limiters can be used to protect AD converters from clipping. All functions are individually switched by relays and can be combined with each other flexibly.
The alpha compressor's design is based on pure discrete analogue technology. The entire signal processing is realized with single transistors in permanent Class-A mode. Even sidechain and power supply are composed of fully discrete circuits. The alpha compressor incorporates oversized power supplies, incremental and capsuled conductive plastic potentiometers with detents, internal heating elements for critical components, and four high-quality torodial transformers in order to achieving the maximum signal quality, even when using extreme settings.
The alpha compressor will showing at the elysis stand at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006, Hall 5.1 D64.
alpha compressor by elysia debuts at Musikmesse 2006
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