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beyerdynamic launches MC 740 and CX 930 condenser microphones

At prolight+sound 2006, Frankfurt, Germany, Hall 4.1 D51, beyerdynamic introduced new condensor microphones MC 840 and CK 930.
The MC 840 is a very compact large diaphragm studio microphone with a gold vaporised double diaphragm and 5 selectable polar patterns (omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-eight). Based on the MC 740 microphone capsule, the MC 840 is equipped with an improved low-noise pre-amplifier and an impedance transformer without transducer. Due to a two-stage roll-off filter (80 and 160 Hz) compensating the close miking effect and a two-stage pre-attenuation (-10 and -20 dB) the MC 840 is a suitable for any recording application.
The CK 930 Set miniature microphone, consisting of the CK 930 true condenser capsule and the remote CV 900 pre-amplifier, is used with lecterns, pulpits or instruments such as violins or acoustic guitars for unobtrusive and variable microphone placement. The CK 930 has been optimised for a maximum rejection of rear-incident sound, frequency independent directivity, and provides a clear yet also warm and natural sound in speech or musical recordings. For high sound pressure levels a pre -attenuation of -15 dB can be selected. The CV 900 pre-amplifier has a selectable bass roll-off filter of 6 dB/octave at 250 Hz and provides the required supply voltage for the capsule.
beyerdynamic MC 840 features swichtable directivity
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