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MB Quart to show professional headsets and headphones at 120th AES

At 120th AES in Paris MB Quart presents new options for its flagship headset MBK 948 CS such a narfield-compensated hypercadioid microphone capsule for opimum performance for live sport broadcast, indoor as well as outdoor. These capsules have alrady been succesfully used by German TV station ZDF and Swedish Broadcast.
The MBK 948 ACS consists of a closed headphone from the indestructible 900 series and the newly developed gooseneck microphone boom that is equipped with an interchangeable studio-condenser microphone. A reliable acoustical closed headphone–unit with outstanding sound characteristics and long-wearing comfort, this product's wiring is fully inside the rugged enclosure. Featuring a completely shielded built-in low-noise microphone amplifier, the easily exchangeable true condenser microphone-capsules provide the utmost flexibility for any application. The newly developed gooseneck-microphone boom with elastical suspension to minimize body noise effects.
There will be firmware updates for MB Quart's USB headset, Apple and Windows versions.
New headphones comprise the acoustically re-designed QP 450 Pro and the QP 805 Monitor which is based on the 800 Series' rugged enclosure. Offering a pair of 35 Ohm systems with a sensitivity of 102 dB, the QP 805 is highly suitable for mobile applications.
MBK 948 CS
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