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beyerdynamic introduces 5.1 surround headphone Headzone

Headzone has been designed to provide the most accurate headphone-based 5.1 surround-sound reproduction possible from today’s DSP technology, in the world’s most compact portable package. Headzone offers a unique patented ultrasonic headtracking system which locates the orientation of the listener’s head with respect to the source material and adjusts the audio accordingly. This allows complete freedom of movement, while the source material remains fixed in position, just as with a „real“ 5.1 loudspeaker arrangement.
Headzone offers an advanced room simulation program which allows the user to adjust an ideal auditory space within which to monitor the surround audio and therefore provide the optimum “sweet spot”.
The Headzone system is suitable for use in various applications including software game sound design, broadcast, post production, music studios or mobile recording environments. Headzone will be showcased at winter Namm show 2007 in Anaheim, CA.
beyerdynamic Headzone DT 880 Pro
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