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Klein+Hummel to launch new monitor speakers

At 121st AES Convention, San Francisco, Klein+Hummel introduces two new monitor speakers, the O 300 nearfield monitor and the M52 control monitor which is designed for mobile studios and all applications where space is an issue but quality monitoring still indispensable.
Following the O 300 D with both, analogue and digital inputs, the O 300's model number already implies that the new speaker builds on the features of the O 300 D - actually, it provides the same acoustic and electronic qualities without the digital inputs of its sister product at a different price level. O 300 stands for a compact active reference monitor with accurate, uncolored sound, superb transient response, and ideally shaped waveguides.
The speaker has been fine-tuned through extensive computer simulations and countless listening tests resulting in precise room-matching capabilities reproducing sound absent of colorations, precise bass response, picture-perfect dispersion patterns, and a stunningly real soundstage.
The M 52 is the powered control monitor of choice for small studios and sound trucks. Featuring a linear frequency response, the M 52 also convinces by its size of 120 x 173 x 116 mm. The M 52 fits many applications in recording and broadcasting applications, it also works on 12V DC power supply. Optionally, the M 52 is available with digital inputs (AES/EBU and S/P-dif).
M 52 powered control monitor
O 300 nearfield monitor by Klein + Hummel
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