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500 Series module captures Pultec EQP-1-A's essence

The classic all-tube Pultec EQP-1A is cherished by recording and mastering engineers for its ability to improve the sound of just about anything running through it. Finally, after much research and development, A-Designs Audio announces that it has managed to capture much of the essence of the famed EQ in a new product that even fits in a compact 500 Series module frame size. The EM-PEQ will be showcased at winter Namm show 2007, booth #6294.
Dubbed the EM-PEQ, A-Designs Audio was able to 'shrink' this highly sought after filter design into the now red-hot 500 Series format without compromise to either build quality or sonics. The EQ section design and control layout of the classic EQP-1A has been meticulously maintained, as well as its wonderfully smooth musicality.
Makeup amplification is achieved through the use of the same discrete Class AB amplifier found in A-Designs Audio's popular solid-state Pacifica mic pre, putting a slightly unique twist on the classic design of yesteryear.
Additional features include a nickel core output transformer, gold Grayhill rotary switches, Wima caps, and a true hard bypass. Instead of using common off-the-shelf chokes, A-Designs uses a custom-wound tapped inductor wound to the original in 2006 values. Fully balanced, noise-free operation with modern impedance specs make for dummy- proof operation and fast studio integration.
The new EM-PEQ is an approved API 'VPR Alliance' product and may also be used in Enterprises racks and A-Designs Audio's R52 manufactured by Avedis Audio Electronics.
Following the launches of the P-1 and EM-Series preamplifiers (EM-Red, EM-Blue, EM-Silver, and EM-Gold) in 2006, A-Designs Audio is fast becoming a leader in all things 500 Series.
EM-PEQ by A-Designs Audio
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