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Mackie introduces its HR mk2 active monitors

Mackie HRmk2 studio monitors First shown at prolight+sound show 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany, Mackies mark2 of the HR series of self-powered studio monitors now is available globally. The new THX-approved HR824mk2 and HR624mk2 monitors replace their predecessors, the HR824 and HR624. “While others have spent years copying the industry-standard HR824, we reset the bar with the HRmk2s. Engineered specifically for use with High Definition audio, they produce ultra-accurate—and incredibly natural—sound,” said James Woodburn, Mackie recording product manager. “Through improved tuning, frequency response and depth of field, the Mackie HRmk2s turn your studio's sweet spot into a full-on sweet zone,” continued Woodburn.
Crafted from a single piece of cast aluminum, the HRmk2’s Zero Edge Baffle minimizes diffraction for a clear mix image, while its Optimized Waveguide is designed to deliver wide, even dispersion as well as full, articulate mids. Coupled with the passive radiator, the new baffle design also promises tight, articulate bass extension.
Housed in a real wood enclosure, the HR624mk2 features a 6.7-inch low distortion LF transducer (woofer) and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. The HR824mk2 has a 8.75-inch low distortion LF woofer and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter.
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