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DT 770 PRO HT added to the Headzone system

Launched at PLASA 2006, beyerdynamic will show the latest additions to the world's first mobile headphone system Headzone with virtual 5.1 playback for professional monitoring at PLASA 2007 in London and at IBC 2007 in Amsterdam. In addition to the semi-open DT 880 PRO HT, the Headzone system has been extended to include the closed DT 770 PRO headphones with headtracking. In order to achieve optimum surround material playback, the algorithms are specially adapted for the DT 770 PRO HT. As of version 1.3 of the Software Control Panel and the DSP firmware, users will be able to select between the two headphone models and their respective algorithms.
The DT 770 PRO HT is ideal in situations where disruptive background noises need to be blended out, for example in outside broadcast vehicles or live recordings. The headphone technology is based on the tried-and-tested studio standard DT 770 PRO model.
Using the ultrasonic headtracker, the system permanently detects the position of the listener’s head and adapts the source audio playback accordingly; as in a real environment, the virtual loudspeakers or sound sources are located in front of, beside or behind of the listener, depending on how he moves his head.
Existing users of a Headzone PRO system will be able to download the software and firmware update soon.
beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO with headtracker
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