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DPA introduces SACD produced in its state-of-the art in-house studio

Danish manufacturer DPA Microphones has upgraded its in-house studio with the addition of a Pyramix Virtual Studio digital audio workstation and three Digital Audio Denmark /Merging Sphynx 2 eight-channel audio converter systems. DPA’s state-of-the-art studio is equipped with equipment and musical instruments of an extremely high standard, allowing the company’s mics to be tested under the most exacting acoustic conditions. The studio is also increasingly in demand as a commercial facility, carving out a niche for piano overdubs courtesy of DPA’s Bösendorfer grand piano.
The upgrade to the Pyramix/DAD setup allows DPA’s product specialist Mikkel Nymand to make 24-channel test recordings in the DXD (Digital Extreme Definition) format, which is 8x CD resolution. As much of Nymand’s recording takes place in the field the rig has been mounted in a wheeled rack, allowing easy transportation for location recording.
“Pyramix is the one of the only workstations available that enables recording and editing in DXD, allowing us to hear the differences in our microphones so much better,” says Nymand. “The DAD AX24/Merging Sphynx 2s, which have high quality mic preamps, are front end devices importing the mic signal directly into the Pyramix via MADI. This combined technology has allowed us to get much closer to the analogue source, so we can really hear what the mics are picking up. It’s amazing to hear how blurred CD quality can be in comparison!”
Nymand has produced an SACD (the playback format for DXD converted into a DSD data stream) of grand piano recordings using different combinations of DPA mics, as well as a demo DVD of surround recordings made in various performance spaces and cathedrals. These are used by the company’s sales team and distributor network for demo purposes. Nymand also works closely with the R&D department, conveying market demands and testing the engineers’ resulting solutions.
Nymand, a Tonmeister graduate, is overjoyed with the upgraded studio. “We now have excellent high resolution surround mixing facilities, high quality microphones, our beautiful Bösendorfer and other instruments, so we are able to educate people about DPA in the best possible environment,” he says.
Product specialist Mikkel Nymand in the DPA in-house studio with the Pyramix Virtual Studio
Product specialist Mikkel Nymand in the DPA in-house studio with the Pyramix Virtual Studio
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