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Audix introduces Studio Elite 8 set of microphones for live and studio recording

At winter NAMM show 2008, Audix introduced the Studio Elite 8 (STE-8), a combination of eight microphones for studio and live recording. The heart of the package is the popular D6 dynamic microphone for kick drum, bass cabs, and ultra-low frequency instruments. For snare drum, guitar cabs, horns, and general purpose, an i-5 is provided; for rack toms, congas, guitar cabs, horns, and other hi-SPL instruments there are two- D2 dynamic mics; for floor toms, djembe, bass cabs, sax, and low frequency instruments, there is one D4 dynamic; an SCX1-HC pencil condenser microphone is provided for high-hat, snare bottom, and acoustic instruments requiring close miking techniques; and, topping off the package, for overheads, room miking, vocals, and acoustic instruments at large are two-SCX25A large diaphragm condenser microphones. Additiionally there are 4 D-Vice rim mounting clips for drums, and two SMT-25 suspension isolation shockmounts for the SCX25A.
Audix National Sales Manager, Gene Houck, states “Every microphone in the Studio Elite 8 package has met with critical acclaim from live sound and studio engineers worldwide. Over the years Audix has become actively involved in many high profile studio and broadcast events and we are now well aware of which microphones artists and engineers rely on to achieve the results they want. We have also invested a lot of time and energy in our own studio facility at Audix, enabling us to become intimately familiar with our own microphones as well as our competitions’, as they relate to the recording process as a whole. As the name implies, the Studio Elite 8 is an elite combination of microphones that are powerful tools for any studio.“
Audix STE-8 set of microphones
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