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CharterOak Acoustic Devices launches SCL-1 all-discreet compressor/limiter

CharterOak Acoustic Devices releases the SCL-1 all discreet stereo compressor/limiter, which was unveiled at the Amsterdam AES Show 2008. The CharterOak SCL-1 Solid State Compressor/Limiter will be sold under the CharterOak Entertainment Group brand. The proprietary unit, made by CharterOak Entertainment Group for its subsidiary studio and multimedia companies Studio.45, and CharterOak Multimedia, will begin shipping in June of 2008.
The unit employs all discreet electronics and is capable of providing a constant output level regardless of input level or frequency, without the familiar pumping inherent in most compressor/limiters. The unit delivers extremely fast attack times without overcompensation, and a release characteristic, which is a function of dynamic range and average program level.
The CharterOak SCL-1 is designed to fit any standard 19” rack. The unit may be used as a stereo unit, or as two independent limiters in the dual mode. This feature enables the end user to employ the device in one or two track production applications.
Over the years, clients of the studio and multimedia companies loved the sound of the custom unit so much, that CharterOak has decided to produce the device in large numbers, and bring it to market through its international distribution network.
CharterOak SCL-1 stereo compressor/limiter
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