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Sennheiser announces its digital MKH microphones at AES 2008 in Amsterdam

“This AES Convention marks an important milestone for us, because it’s where we’ll be exhibiting the first digital Sennheiser microphones,” explains Volker Bartels, Speaker for Sennheiser’s Executive Team. “The AES Convention is the ideal forum for unveiling our digital MKH 8000 series of microphones to the experts.”
The screw-on module MKH 8000 Digital turns the new, successful MKH 8020, MKH 8040 and MKH 8050 models into digital microphones that transmit audio signals according to the AES 42 standard. With conversion taking place directly behind the microphone head, the microphones’ clear, warm and responsive sound is directly converted to the digital world. Cable losses, disturbance from stray pick-up and deterioration in sound quality caused by analogue/digital transducers not being perfectly adapted to the microphone are history now. Using an AES 42 interface, microphone parameters like low-cut filter or attenuation can be adjusted remotely.
New dimensions for recording technology are also being opened up by the (analogue) MKH 800 TWIN. At its output the dual capsule microphone provides both audio signals separately, allowing the mic’s pick-up pattern to be adjusted freely and remotely at the mixing desk, and then optimised later during post-production. “This means sound engineers can feel pretty secure, free and relaxed, because the sound doesn’t have to be perfectly mixed in noisy control room conditions during recording — a time when things usually get pretty hectic,” explains master sound engineer Gregor Zielinsky from Sennheiser electronic. “Particularly when you’ve got overhead main mics, you really do appreciate being able to control things remotely.”
At AES Sennheiser offers five hands-on workshops at room M with Gregor Zielinsky. MKH 8000 Digital and MKH 800 TWIN workshops are Sunday, May 18 at 4 pm; and on Monday, May 19 at 1 pm and 4 pm.
Two AES exhibitor seminars featuring the MKH 800 TWIN with audio samples in surround DVD-audio at room P will be offered Sunday, May 18, and on Monday, May 19 at 11 am respectively.
MKH 8000 Digital with and without capsule
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