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PMC's high-resolution monitors at 125th AES

At the 125th AES convention, San Francisco , PMC (Professional Monitor Company) showcased a range of high-precision monitor loudspeakers, including the IB2S Three-way Midfield Cabinet, MB2S Medium-Format Cabinet and "ultimate-performance" BB5 XBD-A Large-Scale Reference Monitoring System, which offers extended bass response from PMC's transmission-line design. Partnered with the highly adaptable electronics and cabinet variants BB5 XBD-A provides seamless integration into a free-standing or soffit configuration. Also to be seen: the PMC-designed Digidesign RM1 and RM2 Reference Monitor Series cabinets. PMC's custom engineered Advanced Transmission Line technology (ATL) provides high-resolution, wide-bandwidth signal response across the complete product range.
PMC is supplying BB5-XBD-A Large-Scale Reference Surround Monitoring Systems to the Audio Engineering Society for playback during the AES Seminar Program and judging of the Annual Student Competition. "PMC's continued support of both the AES Exhibition and Technical Program was fuelled by requests from the Society's Technical Council, who have insisted that PMC should supply the ultimate in high-resolution playback," Maurice Patist stresses, PMC USA's VP Sales and Marketing.
The PMC MB2S Medium-Format Cabinet is designed for mid-sized control rooms either soffit mounted or on its custom studio stands. The MB2S allows higher sound pressure levels without distortion and loss of definition normally associated with a device of its size. The distinctive MB2S includes the PMC 75 mid-driver.
The PMC IB2S 3-way midfield cabinet is based on the successful IB1S but features the PMC 75 soft dome mid range driver for higher definition and clarity, as well as the 250 mm PMC Carbon Fiber/Nomex LF piston driver and fabric soft-dome HF unit. The IB2S-C is a specially designed center channel variant that allows for surround configuration while maintaining the excellent dispersion and sonic performance capabilities of the PMC IB2S series.
The PMC BB5 XBD-A Large-Scale Reference Monitoring System is an active array that offers high SPL performance across a wide frequency range, with extended LF headroom (XBD). A narrow front baffle eradicates the problems of diffraction often associated with a large main monitor. The BB5-XBD-A has the capacity to reproduce the full scale and dynamics of a live recording without compression or distortion.
"PMC is an acknowledged leader in high-resolution monitoring," says Maurice Patist. "Recent and upcoming systems deliveries include Prince's Project Facility in Los Angeles, Dolby Laboratories' Reference Playback Theater used at trade shows such as CES and CEDIA, and composer Jeff Biggers at Remote Control, Santa Monica, CA. Other notable installations include film composer Geoff Zanelli's Zanellitivity Music composing/tracking facility, The San Francisco Symphony, NYU's Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, and The Benny Hinn Ministry, Aliso Viejo, CA. Such a wide range of customers demonstrates that in all demanding markets for critical listening and playback, PMC remains the top choice!"
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