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Drawmer S2 Signature Series Tube Compressor

The new S2 Signature Series Dual Channel Tube Compressor is the latest product to emerge from Ivor Drawmer’s high end designs and offers an ‘all tube - no technical compromise’ circuit using only the highest grade components. The S2 features a host of new creative processing possibilities never before found in an all analogue dynamics package. The S2 was unveiled at prolight+sound show 2008 in Frankfurt. It is shipping since October 2008.
The S2 Signature Series dual channe soft-knee tube compressor feturing a fully balanced internal signal path with isolation transformers at XLR- in and outputs. The 'alltube' S2 has a Class A design and offers variable attack and release with optional user dependent auto release operation. It can be used in dual mono or stereo link mode, metering is switchable to Peak or VU.
The V-BIG control retains bass frequencies and minimizes undesirable ‘pumping’ by rolling off the detection signal at 75, 125 or 250Hz (user switchable). A fully variable level control allows for the desired amount of V-BIG processing and an in/out switch provides the option to remove from the signal path for A/B comparison. V-AIR offers a dynamic high frequency enhancer to keep compressed audio sounding fresh with continuously variable frequency control (500Hz to 20kHz) and variable level to control the amount of V-AIR enhancement. DRY mixes user defined amount of ‘uncompressed’ signal with the compressed signal to create ‘parallel compression effect’ without the need for external mixing devices.
Drawmer S2 Signature Series Tube Compressor
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