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Palmer Noise Aid Kit provides tools for hum-cancelling

Humming is one of the most annoying noises in any audio system. It happens to your rehearsal room setup, to large sound reinforcement systems, and to studio setups. In most cases inaccurate wiring causes the irritating hum. Finding and nailing the problem often turns out to be a nightmare. The Palmer Noise Aid might be the right toolbox to locate and fix the problem. Comprising several connection boxes and a manual to step by step locating the origin of the noise could solve the problem.
The best is, this toolbox is offered through retailers and all you need to spend is a small fee or just a deposit. Once the solution is found only one of the connection boxes would be needed to eventually eliminate hum.
Of course, the whole set can be purchased by sound engineers who frequently face hum problems and would like to add the full Palmer Noise Aid Kit to their set of tools.
Palmer Noise Aid Kit
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