Craig Chaquico upgrades his studio

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Grammy-nominated and Billboard Number One Smooth Jazz artist, Craig Chaquico, has upgraded his studio with studio furniture from Quik-Lok Systems. Craig, the former lead guitarist, principal songwriter, and "sometimes co-producer" for Jefferson Starship/Starship, used a wide array of off-the-shelf, modular Quik-Lok components and racks to design his user-friendly, ergonomic Lunatunes Studio at his Ashland, Oregon home.
To support his 40-channel mixer, Craig uses a Quik-Lok ZM-2044 mixer stand. Craig added the Z-712/44 pull-out keyboard shelf, Z-711 CPU shelf, and Z-710 computer monitor shelf. Additional ZM-93 and ZM-94 rack equipment holders support frequently used signal processing devices on the ZM-2044's lower cross support bar.
Craig keeps his signal processing gear and DAT machines close-by flanking his mixer with Quik-Lok's RS-954 20U rack stands. "And something always has to be moved," states Craig, "Six teamsters aren't required to do the job." The RS-954's standard heavy-duty casters lets Craig easily move the racks so he can gain fast and easy access to his equipment's primary patch points.
Craig uses a QL-400 studio locator stand to support the auto locator unit that controls his three DAT Machines. Also designed to hold other equipment, such as compact mixers, sequencers and drum machines, the QL-400 is height adjustable from 32 inches to 40 inches. The five double-wheel casters allow for easy movement on hard floors or carpeted surfaces. Craig uses a pair of BS-336 studio near-field monitor stands to support his reference monitors. Three vertical steel support bars and a 17.7" per side triangular base assure the 11" x 11" monitor platform will not flex, tilt, wobble or vibrate under an active monitor speaker.
Pretty organized: Craig in his home studio
Craig states, "Everything in the studio is on wheels - I can simply wheel the rack, and even the mixing console, away from the wall and get to behind every piece of gear. Plus, all of the equipment stays very well ventilated."
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