Locator stands used for drum monitor mixers

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Nigel Olsson on his drum riser Legendary studio musician and Elton John Drummer, Nigel Olsson, has endorsed Quik-Lok Systems for the studio and stage. During a successful recording career that has spanned almost 35 years, Nigel Olsson has recorded with such artists as Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt, Neil Sedaka, Barry Manilow, Kenny Rogers, Uriah Heep, and the Spencer Davis Group. Nigel is best known for his work with Elton John on several classic albums. Nigel is presently working on his seventh solo album with Elton John guitarist and musical director Davey Johnstone and Elton John keyboardist, Guy Babylon.
On-stage and in the studio, Nigel does his own monitor mix through two 16x4 compact mixers and several effects processors. Nigel points out, "I do my own mix into my wireless headphones. By doing so, I do away with two or three fat, screaming monitors on my drum riser. I have about 15 mics on my drum kit with effects and the soundman is feeding me everything from vocals, to piano in stereo, and all the guitars and keyboards. By isolating and doing my monitor mix, it keeps my on-stage sound much cleaner. I work much better and am more in touch with the music when I have my own little studio in my head."
Supporting the compact 16 channel mixers are QL-400 Locator Stands. The Quik-Lok QL-400 Locator Stand is designed to hold small professional studio gear such as auto locators, multi-track recorders, compact mixers, sequencers and drum machines as large as 17-1/4 inches to 23-3/4 inches wide by 26 inches deep. Nigel points out, "I came across the Quik-Lok QL-400 Locator Stand during a drum clinic in Columbus, Ohio. The mixer that was provided for me was on a QL-400 Locator Stand and I fell in love with this beautiful stand immediately! I knew it would be perfect for my on-stage needs."
When Nigel places his 16 channel mixers in the "seat" of the QL-400, they are secured in place when the stand's heavy gauge, rubber padded support arms are locked-down. Nigel can almost tilt the mixer to a 90 angle without fear of it coming out of the seat. The QL-400 is height adjustable from 32 inches to 40 inches high with full circle angle adjustability. The stands keep Nigel's mixers at the appropriate height and angle, well within Nigel's reach for fine tuning of his mix. The QL-400's five legged "starfish" foot print with 5 double-wheel casters, allows Nigel to easily position the QL-400 on his drum riser.
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