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Pro Audio Stash launches ZK1 tablet stand

UK based 19 inch rack specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier Pro Audio Stash (PAS) launches its ZK1 tablet stand – a robust, lightweight high quality made-in-the-UK solution for everyone using a tablet as a work surface. It’s particularly appropriate for audio and visuals professionals - including DJs, VJs, sound engineers and backline technicians who regularly use tablets in their set ups - due to its more industrial strength, superior holding properties and great flexibility … enabling tablets to be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
The ZK1 can accommodate any touch tablet device and is fabricated from high grade steel making the construction very durable. It folds from vertical to flat, is easy to adjust and ideal for expedient stowage and transportability. It can be set at multiple positions on the pivotal arc and optimised for use exactly as required.
The unique strength of the product also enhances its flexibility, allowing the tablet to be securely held by the ZK1 at any angle for the most comfortable working / viewing requirements. This makes it ideal for all work situations from reading and monitoring information to selecting music tracks or effects to previewing and playing back video and visuals footage.
A slot in the bottom allows a charging cable to be easily attached while the device sits in the holder.
It’s also designed to remain stable and workable while the user is accessing and using Apps or typing. Other user-friendly features include a non-slip neoprene rubber base and fixing holes for mounting to permanent and semi-permanent work surfaces. A plastic insert is supplied to help for protecting surfaces and provide additional slip prevention.
Pro Audio Stash ZK1 tablet stand
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