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ChordSavers provide tidy wiring and protect cables

CHordSavers were introduced in Summer 2007, showcased at winter NAMM show 2008 and are now available in different sizes and colours for a range of applications from project studios to environments which require very sturdy protection of the wiring. "These are cable organizers and protectors, 'chord' is spelled with an 'h' – It’sa pun," explained company President Paul Shoenfelt, a musician whose day job is running a plastics molding company. While heavy duty cable protectors have been available for quite a while, when it comes to small bands on stage or in the studio, most of us make do with gaffer tape to reduce cable clutter and tripping hazards.
ChordSavers are sized and priced for the project studio, small club, or home theater installation but are still impressively sturdy and assemble quickly and easily. Chordsavers also look and feel like truly professional products.
Presently there are four models in three different sizes – ChordSavers, StudioSavers and WallSavers (same size, different base configuration), and ClubSavers. The basic Saver consists of a base and snap-on cover, with the two larger sizes accommodating optional slide-in cable separators. The ClubSaver is the big boy, with three cable channels molded into the base and slots in the two outer channels which accommodate the wall/studio-sized cable separators.
ChordSavers will hold three to five normal sized microphone cables, StudioSavers will take two ½” cables side by side or 5-6 microphone cables. The ClubSaver is tall enough to accommodate a 1” diameter snake as well as a batch of cables.
With exception of the WallSaver which is designed to attach to a wall like molding, the base of the other models has molded-in non-skid soft plastic strips that do a good job of keeping them in place as long as the floor isn’t too dusty.
At a recent festival, ChordSavers and StudioSavers samples passed the walked-on test with flying colors and proved to be sturdy enough to be rolled over with a rack on wheels. The ClubSaver is sturdier yet and would easily survive a hand truck, or maybe even a fork lift with the addition of an upcoming optional slide-in aluminum center stiffener.
The ChordSavers come in three foot lengths with exception the ClubSaver which is four feet long. Their snap-together design allows sections to be extended simply by butting the bases together and overlapping the joint with the cap. Corner pieces, Y- and T-junctions and 45 and 22 degree turns are prototyped and will be available soon. Savers come in solid colours of black, white, and yellow, with caps available in dark or light photo wood grain finish or stainable to match the décor.
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