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Audix launches MG series of miniature gooseneck microphones

Audix introduces the MG12, MG15, and MG18 which are professional miniature gooseneck condenser microphones modeled after the Micros Series. Designed for applications such as podium, presentation, meetings and teleconferencing, the MG12/15/18 provide clarity, excellent sound quality and ease of operation along with the ability to accurately capture and reproduce vocals from a comfortable distance.
With a frequency range of 60 Hz - 19 kHz, the MG12/15/18 can provide natural sound with very good transient response. The MG gooseneck system is equipped with a sophisticated dual preamp circuitry – one circuit located in the capsule housing for condenser operation and the preamp circuit built into the base of the XLR. This circuitry is internally balanced, insuring that the audio path will be isolated from hum and noise. In addition, the circuitry employs immunity protection from RF from cell phones and wireless GSM devices.
Designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA to exacting standards and tight tolerances, the MG12/15/18 are available in both cardioid and hypercardioid polar patterns. Other features include machined brass capsule housings and fittings, copper tubing integrated with wound flexible steel for secure and exact placement, field replaceable capsules, replaceable electronics, and a variety of optional accessories. The microphones operate on phantom power of 18 - 52 Volts and are available in non-reflective black matte finish.
Audix MG 12, 15, 18
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