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Greensound Technology launches glass speaker concept

In the late 70s Barcus Berry released a loudspeaker with an HF-glass driver for professional users, some Japanese manufacturers also offered Hifi-speakers with high frequencies being reproduced glass constructions. More than 30 years later, Greensound Technology unveils the world’s first wireless, high-fidelity glass speakers using their patented Greensound innovation.
According to Greensound Technology, true sound thru glass speakers is now possible with the inception of this ground breaking concept. Unlike traditional speaker technology that may simply include a glass enclosure, Greensound Technology creates a harmonic and high-fidelity sound through the combination of specially engineered glass and a base structure. This speaker configuration also maintains a sophisticated level of performance forever because the components do not break down over time.
Each speaker is able to deliver 360° sound, therefore Greensound Technology provides a consistent listening experience no matter what position a listener is relative to the speaker. Greensound Technology also provides multiple speaker and subwoofer models. Several product lines and sets are available to offer balanced sound to meet the unique acoustic needs for a wide range of environments. Various styles are also available, with select models including wireless capability to enhance aesthetics and flexibility.

Editor's comment: At the office of pro-music-news two pairs of speakers using a glass HF-driver provide excellent sound since the company has been founded.
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