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Alcons launches new LR14/90 line-array at Plasa 2006

Making its debut at the Plasa show 2006, Alcons Audio's successful LR14 ultra-compact line-array system will be extended with the LR14/90, a new pro-ribbon line-array featuring the Alcons RBN401 pro-ribbon driver with double 6.5” woofers in a 90°x15° configuration. With a total weight of only 15kg, the LR14/90 pro-ribbon line-array has one of the best “throw-to-size/weight” ratios in the industry.
Another brandnew product is the QB363. Featuring a triple-12” array-configuration, the QB363 acts as a modular low-end extension of the QR-series pro-ribbon column arrays. With the similar front shape of the QR36 and QM36, this bass system operates completely within the acoustic line-array parameters for controlled projection. The modular design allows for vertical or even horizontal tight bass arrays even beyond 10 meters.
At prolight+sound 2006 Alcons Audio introduced a range of new products including speaker systems and electronics. At ABTT, London, Alcons unveiled the SR9, the first product of its all new “S-series”. All these products will also be showing at Plasa 2006, London.
The SR9 is an ultra-compact ribbon loudspeaker, designed for applications where ultimate fidelity response needs to be projected with wide horizontal and precise vertical coverage, such as low-profile stage-lip/front-fill, upper-/under-balcony or stair risers, or walls.
The VR8 compact ribbon monitor is on show in “all-NeoDymium transducer” configuration, featuring extended response and versatile cabinet shape. It weighs in at less than 10kg.
The acknowledged versatility of the LR14 ultra-compact ribbon line-array is taken even further with the introduction of a mounting option which makes the complete array adjustable stepless with a single pick-point.
A highlight in Frankfurt was the introduction of Digital Drive Processor DDP which marks the entrance of Alcons into digital processing technology. The exchangeable processing device is complementary to the Alcons ALC controller-amplifiers and caters for improved ease-of-use in the handling and controlling of Alcons sound systems.
Alcons RBN1801 array speaker
SR9 compact ribbon line-array loudspeaker
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