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Tannoy i9 for difficult acoustics

Tannoy i9 Launched at PLASA 2003, the Tannoy i9 column loudspeaker is designed for use in applications where wide yet controlled coverage is required for high quality music and speech reinforcement. Acoustically difficult situations, for example highly reverberant environments such as churches or large halls, can be catered for by directing sounds into the desired space while minimizing reflections from adjacent walls. The slim profile cabinet (779 x 170 x 200mm / 309/16 x 611/16 x 77/8 ) and 50 downward tilt angle on the front baffle ensures discreet installations close to a wall or ceiling without sacrificing vertical coverage.
The i9 consists of four 5" (130 mm) low frequency direct radiating drive units and three 1 " (25mm) titanium tweeters positioned as a line source. The coupling effects in the vertical plane result in a narrow (600) and controlled coverage pattern to 500 Hz, with extremely wide horizontal coverage (1200). The internal passive crossover network delivers a smooth and uniform frequency response from 80 Hz to 30 kHz. The i9 features a built-in THP 60 Watt transformer selectable for 60, 30, 15, 7.5 Watts and is switchable between low impedance and 100 Volt / 70.7 Volt operation.
The i9's versatile mounting brackets permit easy vertical, horizontal, and tilt adjustments for mounting and flying applications.
in Novmber 2008 Tannoy launched a vandal proof version of the i9, the i9VP
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