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Martin Architectural's flat panel speakers

Martin Architectural's new FLAT panel speakers provide a unique way of generating ambient audio in a multitude of commercial applications. Easily mounted in or on walls and ceilings, FLAT offers quality audio reproduction in an innovative, slim speaker construction that manages to seamlessly integrate sound with interior design.
To achieve total contextual integration in any given environment, a collection of themed designs is available or you can custom design your own unique FLAT-art to match your concept. For true camouflaging or flush mounting, you can also print or paint directly onto the FLAT panel surface itself. FLAT panel speakers feature thermal and mechanical protection for years of lasting performance.
Based on proprietary NXT technology, FLAT panel speakers are a flexible, plug and play sound system with 1-8 channels of audio. Sound is generated by vibrating a plain panel surface resulting in audio radiating in all directions. This room-filling effect makes FLAT panel speakers a solution for public spaces where even sound distribution is a must.
Compared to conventional loudspeakers featuring pistonic movement drivers, FLAT panels come very close to achieving a desired linear decrease in sound pressure level. Sound dispersion is ultra-wide and sound coverage is uniform throughout the entire area.
Applications include retail environments, concept stores, bars and restaurants, lounge areas, shopping centres, showrooms, conference rooms, offices and work environments, fitness studios, airports, subways. the list is virtually endless.
Martin Architectural FLAT
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