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Flush surface, wall mounting enclosure for Light Viper

At 117th AES FiberPlex, leader in fiber optic data communications for the U.S. government, announced the availability of a new flush-mounting wall panel enclosure option for its Light Viper VIS-1832 fiber optic pro audio solution for digital data communications.
For touring/mobile customer applications, the Light Viper VIS-1832 consists of a highly compact 32 X 8 audio input Stage Box and a complementary 1U rack unit (Model VIM-1832) installed at the main house audio mixing position. Connecting these two components is accomplished with a rugged and extremely lightweight military specification fiber optic cable weighing less than two (2) pounds per one hundred feet of cable run (100').
Light Viper's fiber optic cable offers total signal path isolation between both stage and mixer as well as between the mixer and power amplification; the cable is totally immune to ground loops, RFI, EMI and electromechanical noise, and runs of up to 1 1/4 miles (6,600 feet) can be easily accomplished without signal loss or degradation.
The inputs on the audio input Stage Box will accept balanced or unbalanced XLR or TRS mic or line level audio and eliminate the need for expensive DI boxes. Industry standard 48-volt Phantom power is supplied to all audio mic inputs. Optional optical outputs on the Stage unit allow for a separate stage monitor feed as well as a third for sending the audio data signal to a remote broadcast or recording vehicle (up to three 'splits').
The Light Viper's audio A/D converters operate at 24-bit/96 kHz sampling. The resulting multiplexed digital signal is transmitted via the optic cable on a single fiber pair.
The wall mounting enclosure is designed to be flush-mounted in any wall or cabinet work with all input and return connections easily accessible on its 17" (w) X 17" (h) 3.25" (d) front panel. The enclosure comes in two pieces: a rough-in box that is pre-installed in a wall or cabinet before final surfacing is applied (drywall, etc.); and a separate front panel unit which contains all the system's electronics and interconnections. Designed to meet any building code specifications, the rough-in box is designed to fit securely between two 16" wall studs and has several mounting holes to facilitate electrical and fiber connections.
In addition to announcing the availability of the wall mounting enclosure, FiberPlex has also upgraded the VIS-1832 with a rugged Neutrik PowerCon connector (Stage Box) and the system now features synchronization to Word Clock as well as Superclock.
A typical Light Viper VIS-1832 configuration includes all components (one Stage unit, the VIS-1832, one Mix position IU rack unit (VIM-1832), all cable terminations with 300 feet of fiber optic cable, four send and one return breakout cables.
LightViper wall mount enclosure
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