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Dynacord introduces ProMatrix 8000 system with pro audio quality and safety features

Since its market launch in the 1988, the Dynacord ProMatrix System has been focusing on three main aspects: flexible customized solutions with excellent audio performance in compliance with all safety standards relevant for voice evacuation systems. At PLASA 2008, London, 10 years after the introduction of ProMatrix 4000, Dynacord's UK distributor Polar Audio previewed the new ProMatrix 8000 System, which was officially launched a couple of weeks later at the Security show in Essen, Germany.
Core of the ProMatrix 8000 is the DPM 8016, a matrix manager with integrated controller and flexible matrix with up to, 16 audio inputs and up to 16 audio outputs. Up to 100 DPM 8016 units can be networked together via an Ethernet interface or the optional CobraNet interface to provide an extended matrix with increased control possibilities for complex audio processing tasks.
For further expansion of monitoring and control functions, the DCS 801R is the interface for the ProMatrix DCS System. The DCS 801R allows to operate and read out relay cards, logic input and analogue in- and output cards.
The DPC Paging Consoles consist of the DPC 8015 basic paging station plus its extension DPC 8120. The DPC 8015 has an illuminated 2-lines LC display; it is possible to connect up to five DPC 8120 extensions. All buttons and switches on both types are freely programmable and equipped with LED display. Factory presets of the selection buttons include an additional LED, showing whether the selected zone is busy or not. Labeling of the paging stations can easily be accomplished by using the IRIS-Net software.
The entire range of Dynacord ProMatrix 8000 devices is IRIS-Net compatible and, therefore, able to communicate with every already existing IRIS-Net appliance. Accordingly, operation is also possible with TPI Touch Panels or PWS Programmable Wall Stations.
The amplifiers of the DPA 8000 series are class D amplifiers with high efficiency and are all 24 V DC emergency power supply capable. Each amplifier is equipped with an additional audio input for background music or usable as emergency input. A choice of end-of-line surveillance and configurable impedance measurements are provided for comfortable monitoring of connected loudspeaker lines.
The ProMatrix 8000 System is the comprehensive audio platform for ProSound - PA – AV in compliance with all currently existing regulations relevant for voice evacuation systems.
Bosch Product Manager Nils Schächtele: “With the ProMatrix 8000, we are reacting to the ever closer association of pro sound and evacuation systems. Equipped with excellent components, the ProMatrix 8000 enhances the existing system in important respects, such as audio quality, signal processing and handling.”
ProMatrix 8000 is suitable for a wide range of venues, leisure centres, school complexes with integrated gymnasiums and lecture halls, large hotels with a diversity of events facilities, and multi-function halls – as well as stadiums and sports centres of all kinds.
Dynacord ProMatrix DPM 8016 amplifier
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