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Meyer Sound introduces SB-3F long-range loudspeaker at 125th AES

At 125th AES Convention, San Francisco , booth 814, Meyer Sound introduces the newest addition to its series of highly focused long-range loudspeakers—the SB-3F sound field synthesis loudspeaker. Designed for projecting mid- and high-frequency energy over distances up to 1km, the high-powered device employs Meyer Sound’s sound field synthesis technology with multiple small point sources to create a focused, coherent long-range sound field.
Assuring intelligibility at long distances from the main point-source loudspeaker system is one of the most frequent issues in large-scale sound reinforcement, especially in the critical 2 kHz to 9 kHz frequency range. The SB-3F loudspeaker is designed to address this concern. Employing a total of 448 high-powered one-inch neodymium transducers purpose-built to create a highly directional wavefront, the SB-3F is ideal for overcoming high-frequency loss over long distances.
“Our goal has always been to give system designers the tools to ensure every seat can hear every word from the announcer and every nuance of a performance, regardless of the venue size,” says John Meyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Meyer Sound. “This is the very reason we introduced the SB-3F. No one should suffer from diminished intelligibility at a live event, not even the farthest seat in a 100,000-seat arena.”
The SB-3F’s self-powered design incorporates a multichannel, high-powered class AB/H amplifier and sophisticated on-board circuitry to deliver 9,000 watts of power. Designed to integrate seamlessly with MILO line array loudspeaker and other Meyer Sound products in large-scale applications, the SB-3F is also compatible with Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system.
The SB-3F sound field synthesis loudspeaker can be custom painted to blend with any installation’s décor. A weather-protected version with rain hoods and wood-treated enclosure is available. The optional MYA-SB-2 mounting yoke assembly allows the SB-3F to be easily tilted for accurate aiming, and provides attachment points to mount multiple units horizontally or vertically.
Meyer Sound SB-3F sound field synthesis loudspeaker
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