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Ampetronic adds to its induction loop range

IDL4 induction loop driver by Ampetronic Induction loop manufacturer Ampetronic launched three new products at prolight+sound 2005, Frankfurt. The ILD14 and HL-S02 complete a family that contains the ILD20, aimed at office environments, and the ILD15 which has its own battery back up for those situations where complete fail safe is essential, such as voice evacuation systems.
The ILD14 is designed for local area coverage and is suitable for applications such as help points and localised area coverage. Its enclosure has a better than IP65 weatherproof rating and it is ruggedized to satisfy the most exacting standards. This means that it cannot only withstand water ingress and extremes of temperature, but can also be used in environments such as transport systems where vibration is an issue. The ILD14 is a self-contained unit capable of running directly from mains power and is switchable between 110-220V, with a 12Vdc version also available. It is suitable for both new installations and as a retro fit option. It has three inputs, one 100V line and two loudspeaker inputs, the second of which can be factory fitted to directly accept a microphone.
The second product is the HLS02, a circuit board that is available for integration into another manufacturer's own equipment. It has the same applications as the ILD14 and can be run in both 12V and 48V versions. Signal can be accepted from either 100V line or a low impedance source such as an intercom.
The ILR3 induction loop receiver/monitor is a small, portable unit for use with audio induction loops. It is an upgraded version of the ILR2 with an improvement on the audio distortion figure, taking it to better than 0.5% THD. These types of receiver can be used where a hearing aid is not worn, but where amplified sound is needed by the listener, such as induction loop monitoring, visitor guidance, museum/art gallery commentary, noisy environments where ear-defenders must be used but instructions must still be audible.
ILR3 induction loop receiver-monitor by Ampetronic
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