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Reference speaker series by D.A.S.

Originally launched at prolight+sound 2005 in Frankfurt, D.A.S. Audio's Reference series of mid-size P.A. systems for use in a variety of applications ranging from mobile systems to permanent installations had its UK debut at Plasa 2005. The Reference series offers five passive two-way models that range from the compact RF-8 to the RF-214 double 15" two-way system. New to the range are the compact RF-8 and RF-10, which offer an impressive amount of power in two surprisingly small packages. The RF-8 two-way, full-range system uses an 8" low frequency transducer with a 1.5" voice coil and 150W RMS power handling capacity. The RF-10 incorporates a 10" transducer that uses a large 3" voice coil offering a compact unit capable of handling 350W RMS. Excellent high frequency response is guaranteed on both by the M-3 compression driver that utilizes a 2" titanium diaphragm and 1" throat. Ancra rigging points are provided on either side of the cabinet as well as a rear located pull point. Both incorporate standard pole-mount sockets and optional mounting hardware for fixed installations is also available.
The RF-12 and RF-14 are passive, two-way systems that make use of the 12P and 15P low frequency transducers with an injection molded aluminum chassis, 3" voice coil and offer 350W and 400W of power respectively. High frequency reproduction is handled by an M-3 high frequency compression driver with a 2" titanium diaphragm. Sixteen M10 rigging points are provided for use with forged steel eyebolts. A standard pole-mount socket permits tripod mounting and two steel-reinforced handles facilitate moving in portable applications.
The RF-214 is an 800W, dual 15" passive two-way system which employs twin 15P low frequency transducers with an injected aluminum chassis and 3" voice coil. An M-5 compression driver with 2" titanium diaphragm reproduces the high frequencies. Sixteen M10 rigging points are provided for use with forged steel eyebolts. Two steel-reinforced handles make handling easier.
The RF-15, RF-215H and the RF-215 are versatile two-way systems which incorporate an internal passive crossover with a rear located 'passive/bi-amp' mode selector. The RF-15 and dual 15" RF-215H utilize the 15H cone transducer for low frequency reproduction offering 700W and 1200W RMS power assembly and 3" titanium diaphragm reproduces the highs on both models.
The high-power RF-215 is a two-way system offering a 1400W power handling capacity. Two 15G low frequency transducers with 4" EFW voice coils provide powerful bass response and an ND-10 compression driver with neodymium magnet and 4" voice coil handles the high frequencies. On all of the models, sixteen M10 rigging points make suspension in permanent installations both safe and simple. Two rear located wheels on the double 15" models and steel-reinforced handles facilitate maneuvering in portable applications.
Two bass-reflex subwoofer systems offer low frequency reinforcement for the Reference series of products. The Sub-18R and Sub-218R are capable of providing high levels of deep, precise bass. At the heart of the systems is the 18G low frequency transducer with an 4" EFW voice coil and high power handling capability of 700W and 1400W. The bass-reflex enclosure designs offer a tight punchy bass ideal for music venues. A top located pole socket permits mounting full-range systems above the Sub-18R. Both cabinet permit ground stacking or flying from the 16 integral rigging points. Two rear located wheels and steel-reinforced handles facilitate maneuvering of the Sub-218R.
D.A.S. Reference Series RF-215
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