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Klark Teknik's Square One audio processors

At LDI 2006, Klark Teknik has launched a new series of easily accessible, high-performance audio processors, Square One, which combines the brand’s no-compromise sonic quality with a feature set containing all the essentials. “As Klark Teknik moves into an increasingly technological sector with its ultra high-end digital range, market space has been created for something new at a more accessible price point,” says Richard Ferriday, Midas and Klark Teknik’s Brand Development Manager. “Square One guarantees the audio performance that Klark Teknik users expect, with a feature set that is extremely easy to use.”
The Square One range consists of the Square One graphic equaliser and the Square One dynamics, an 8-channel, 3U configurable dynamics processor. Klark Teknik has historically concentrated on the feature-rich top end of the market but the Square One units address a new price point, making them attractive for medium size rental companies and smaller installations. The Graphic is available while the Dynamics unit will be shipping from January 2006.
Features of the Square ONE graphic include 45mm faders with integral dust guards; signal present and clip LEDs; fully balanced inputs and outputs; relay activated bypass; Proportional Q filters; high pass and low pass filters; universal power supply and roadworthy 3U steel chassis.
The Square One dynamics has been designed to provide eight channels of flexible, configurable, high-performance dynamics processing in one 3U package. Users can select the required mode of operation, allowing the multi-mode dynamics processor to function as a default compressor (RMS sensing type); ‘vintage’ compressor (peak sensing type); broadband frequency-conscious compressor; Hi-Q frequency-conscious compressor (de-esser); limiter; expander or gate. Square ONE dynamics also provides i-TS (intelligent threshold shift) in conjunction with the gate hold function to reduce chattering within the gate; stereo and multi-channel operation, solo buss operation; 6–segment, 3-colour input meter and 10-segment attenuation depth meter.
Square One graphic equalizer by Klark Teknik
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