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Vieta announces radical new So Line

Vieta Pro's commercial loudspeaker business has increased considerably since the prolight+sound expo 2005. Most of the growth has been delivered by the Do Line of compact full-range installation speakers. Two new additions to this range will be unveiled at prolight+sound 2006 in Frankfurt, Hall 4.1 F7. The main draw will be the launch of Vieta's radical new So Line, a range of uniquely-styled speakers and accessories which use Garwood-specified wireless technology and state-of-the-art battery power to provide clear, controllable sound in situations where conventional speaker systems cannot.
The range is built around the So Cube, a stylish omni-directional loudspeaker design that is compact, active and battery-powered. Coupled with a range of So accessories, such as pedestal stands, stackable extension units, and professional 16-channel wireless transmitter stations, the So Cube offers versatility for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications, from wedding banquets to corporate functions. Its sleek ergonomic styling is complementary to any table arrangement, whether it be an AV presentation or private hospitality, and its omni-directional design means that positioning of the So Cube is never a critical issue.
Using Garwood-specified UHF wireless technology, the So wireless transmitter is a 16-frequency system. 8 channels can be run simultaneously, so the system can also be used for multi-lingual translation and commentary applications.
Vieta's latest additions to its successful Do-Line are comprehensively weather-proofed cabinets. The smaller of the two is the Do-53, which features two 3" forward-pointing mid-highs and a 5" woofer on the side, delivering full-range performance from a deceptively compact cabinet. The larger Do-44 uses four 4" speakers, and, handling the full range of frequencies within the cabinet, it is suitable for a variety of applications. Both models are available in Black or White, the Do-44 is also available as a 100V-line unit.
SO Cube by Vieta
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