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Biamp introduces AEC2w for efficient echo cancellation

Providing systems integrators with the new standard in acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), Biamp Systems had a live demo of their new AEC2w card at prolight+sound 2006, Frankfurt, Germany. Designed to optimize audio for high-bandwidth conferencing applications, AEC2w is a 20Hz to 20kHz wideband acoustic echo canceling system and can provide full duplex audio for telephone, web or video conferencing with full audio frequency response and superior noise cancellation, all without reducing the processing power of Biamp’s AudiaFLEX digital signal processor.
AEC2w is one of the most powerful and effective AEC card available. Designed for Biamp’s AudiaFLEX, AEC2w is a true 20Hz to 20 kHz wideband acoustic echo canceling card. The AEC2w marries a creative new algorithm with an efficient new card design and includes two channels of customizable acoustic echo cancellation and efficient noise cancellation without reducing the processing power of the AudiaFLEX chassis.
“In just the last year, the proliferation of improved conferencing technologies that take advantage of high-bandwidth connections has been incredible,” said Kiley Henner, Technical Support Manager, Biamp Systems. “As these conferencing technologies take a larger role in everyday corporate life, it is imperative that both audio and video are optimized. Integrators can develop audio systems that take full advantage of these improvements and provide their customers with a solution that satisfies their clients’ demands for full bandwidth audio to match high definition video.”
The AEC2w algorithm is contained on a single card capable of converging on two channels of audio per card. This radical new design makes it easy for installers to design an optimized system for high-speed networks and conferencing applications such as videoconferencing and IP telephony. It also allows installers the ability to customize the number of microphone inputs with AEC, ultimately reducing total project costs.
AEC2w is designed specifically for use in Biamp’s AudiaFLEX digital signal processor. AudiaFLEX can be customized for any job, with up to 24 channels of I/O, allowing integrators to provide as many input channels for conferencing as needed. Even with a high number of contributing input channels, the AEC2w’s powerful algorithm and per-channel AEC processing ensure that echo is eliminated without attenuating other audio. Installers and end-users alike can then control AudiaFLEX via Ethernet connection using Biamp’s daVinci, or Crestron, AMX, or other controllers to easily switch between pre-programmed audio and AEC configurations.
AEC2w card by Biamp Systems
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