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Carlsbro and Dare join forces to launch high end professional P.A. series

Carlsbro Electronics and DARE Professional Audio have announced details of a collaboration that sees the two long established companies utilising each others expertise in design, technology and marketing to launch a range of four P.A systems aimed at the professional live and installation market.
The four systems ranging from the G8 2,500 watts rig to the G15vs2 system at 5,500 watts are capable of handling any application from a small conference and the most demanding installation, to Churches and full live concert applications. Each system comes complete and is driven by Carlsbro’s Powerline series amplifiers housed in a flight case together with a digital processor and pre programmed equalisation seams, all leads and cables and birch ply robust cabinets that have been designed and hand built in the U.K.
All four systems are being launched with additional benefits for retailers and consumers, these include personal ongoing technical advice from the aptly titled “Dr Dare” alias Dare Professional Audio’s chief design engineer Paul Dunkley. This advice will come via a 24 hour hotline, where “Dr Dare will give advice and help to specify systems to installers, sound engineers, retailers and customers themselves. In addition to this Carlsbro /Dare plan to appoint “A man in a van” who will be out on the road providing live sound for all types of events and concerts as well as giving live demonstrations of all the systems in the range on behalf of Carlsbro /Dare retailers to potential customers.
The collaboration will also yield further products later in 2006 aimed at the professional installation market including some innovative 100 volt line products and zoners.
Commenting on the new partnership Carlsbro’s Sales & Marketing Director Jon Gold said “Carlsbro have been very successful in the domestic amplification and PA Market for nearly 50 years and Dare have long been acknowledged as one of the best designers and manufacturers of high end P.A applications in the world, this project will see us combining that experience and skills to develop products and a unique service that will be second to none.“
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